Martial Arts Inflatables

Attract & retain martial arts students effortlessly!

Martial Arts Inflatables

Ninja Warrior®

Our Ninja Warrior® collection will help students gain better comprehension of their martial arts training by utilizing their senses while kicking, punching and jumping. Using our martial arts inflatables in conjunction with your demo team can results in dozens of new members following each event!

The Ninja Warrior® is highly interactive and will attract new members to your dojo. There are interactive targets for punching/kicking located inside and outside of the bouncer. The Ninja Warrior® is an eye-catching, entertaining inflatable that will draw crowds and new members from all over town!

® Trademark by Scherba Industries Inc. Patent No.:US D762,801 S

Junior Ninja Warrior®

The Junior Ninja Warrior®, younger sibling of the Ninja Warrior® bouncer, has the same concept and features except on a slightly smaller scale that is more suitable depending on space availability.n!

® Trademark by Scherba Industries Inc. Patent No.:US D762,800 S

Ninja Warrior Zone®

The Ninja Warrior Zone® is an inflatable obstacle course that offers sleek designs and gives an action-packed punch to any event. The structure begins by taking participants through entry tunnels, followed by several ninja targets to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The course then leads to an exciting double slide, providing hours of enjoyable physical activity!

® Trademark by Scherba Industries Inc. Patent No.:US D762,801 S

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