Time to shine: How to get the most Return-On-Investment (ROI) using inflatables?

Time to shine: How to get the most Return-On-Investment (ROI) using inflatables?

Small to medium size inflatables cost anywhere from $1,200-$6,000. This one time investment increases brand exposure by 10-30%. Inflatable advertising is a cost-effective indoor/outdoor/mobile marketing tool that allows you to leverage any location, retail store, or special event. This is key for any business to remain profitable in todays competitive marketplace. The Return-On-Investment (ROI) for inflatable advertising is far greater than one time traditional advertisements such as: Newspapers, TV, Radio, or Direct-Mail. There is no comparison because those traditional forms of advertisements rely on 'revolving' (monthly or weekly) ad expenditures where inflatable advertising is a one-time investment.

Advertising an inflatable, promotional tent, air dancer, banner or flag, offers 10-times the visibility, traffic, and sales, at 1/10th the cost of Newspaper, TV, Radio, or Direct-Mail. If you want your retail store to be more 'profitable' (and we all know how much advertising costs can ruin your profitability) then consider products to assist your efforts. Inflatables have been proven time and time again on how they will help you increase your brand exposure and sales.

Clients have been using inflatables for their advertising for 40 years because of the positive and immediate reactions they have from their consumers experiencing and interacting with their brand. Inflatable advertising creates an unforgettable memory that your consumers won't forget.

Inflatables have a lifetime of 10 or more years. Inflate your image today and receive the benefits for years to come.

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