Inflatables for Sporting Events

Inflatable Mascots & Custom Team Branding

Inflatable Mascots & Custom Team Branding

Add personality to your sports team and command attention from the crowd.

Entertain the crowd and promote team spirit with an inflatable mascot from Inflatable Images®. No matter what the sport or level of play, inflatable mascots are a crowd-pleaser for sports fans.

Inflatable Sports Mascots and Team Branding for Professional Leagues

Whether it’s the Phillie Phanatic or Wally the Green Monster, inflatable mascots at professional sports events bring delight to fans and help them get excited about the upcoming game. At Inflatable Images®, we can create a colorful, eye-catching inflatable mascot to place at any fan entrance or near the field.

Inflatable Sports Mascots and Team Branding for Colleges and High Schools

Whether for college football, high school basketball or another league, Inflatable Images® can create a black panther, knight, mustang or minuteman that fits your sports team’s needs. Generate student interest before a big rivalry matchup or show off team pride with a high-quality inflatable sports mascot.

Other Sporting Event Inflatables

At Inflatable Images®, we can also create other inflatable types for important sporting events, including tunnels, arches and inflatable sports logos. These inflatables add visibility and excitement to competitive games.

Tunnels are great choices for the home team to wait in and then run out of during game introductions. Set up an arch at the ticket area for a special entranceway. Inflatable sports logos are excellent for one-time events or for promoting the image of your brand.

Whatever your sporting event or team needs are, chances are, Inflatable Images® has something to help make it memorable and special.

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Inflatable Games

Inflatable Games

Give fans of all ages the opportunity to enjoy sports challenges with inflatable games of skill that are fun and easy to use.

If you’re hosting a corporate event or an exciting sports game matchup, an inflatable game of skill from Inflatable Images® can be a great way to keep participants engaged and entertained.

What Are Inflatable Games of Skill?

Inflatable games of skill include obstacle courses, interactive games and other physical challenges. These can be a great way to keep visitors to your outdoor or corporate event entertained, and will appeal to baseball, football and soccer enthusiasts alike.

Basketball Inflatable Games of Skill

Practice sinking baskets on our inflatable basketball hoop. Players can use a traditional basketball to play a friendly game of HORSE or practice their 3-point shot. The challenge becomes even more fun when participants bounce in the court area to boost them higher towards the basket for making fun layups or attempting a slam dunk.

Football Inflatable Games of Skill

With inflatable football games, participants can practice throwing footballs into designated holes and tackling linebackers. They’re a great choice for outdoor events to help engage kids and young adults in friendly competitive skill-based games.

Other Sporting Event Inflatables

Whether you’re trying to build up team spirit or getting ready for an upcoming rival matchup, you can boost fan participation with an inflatable sports mascot display. We create mascots for high school, college, indoor, outdoor and arena league sports.

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Our Quality Inflatables

Choosing a sports logo inflatable from us means you get a team logo with a 3D aspect, making it highly visible and eye-catching. Inflatable Images has spent over 40 years in the outdoor inflatables industry, delivering quality custom inflatables such as characters, interactive inflatables, and sports logos. We put our experience to work for you, so you know every inflatable you buy from us is a quality product. We’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for producing the most expansive selection of promotional inflatables available and are now the country’s largest cold air inflatables manufacturer.

Advantages of Choosing Inflatables

Choosing inflatables adds to the experience customers and guests enjoy when visiting your facility or outdoor event.

  • The size, colors and three-dimensional designs attract and hold the attention of your visitors and make a strong impression even when viewed from the road.
  • We get your input during the design phase, before we stitch anything together, so you have the assurance of your inflatable being exactly what you want.
  • Logo inflatables are designed to be portable, so you can move them from one location to the next without a lot of extra work.
  • Our inflatable logos are fast to set up and easy to take down at the end of your event.

Using Inflatables at Outdoor Events

Using more than one team-branded item adds to the experience for visitors. When you’re planning outdoor events, consider setting up multiple inflatables to create a high-energy vibe. For example, put a sports team logo inflatable at the entrance and an inflatable water park nearby. Or, add a pavilion or concessions area to serve refreshments to your event attendees.

How Inflatables Encourage Customers to Come Inside

Set up an inflatable in front of your business during sports-themed events to let potential customers know you’re hosting a promotion to celebrate your favorite team’s big game.

  • Make sure people can see the purpose of your event from a distance.
  • Include some flags, signs or window graphics from Inflatable Images to add information that makes the event more inviting and engaging.
  • Use signage to call out special deals you’re offering alongside huge, colorful inflatables that people notice.

Our Sports-Themed Products

We have a lot of options available, in addition to inflatable logos, when you want to stick with a sports team theme.

  • Mascots: Almost every sports team has a mascot, and our design team can make your team’s mascot tower above the crowd.
  • Bouncers and Slides: Have bouncers or slides created in your team colors with the team logo printed on the side to increase awareness of the team’s brand.
  • Obstacle Courses: Encourage kids of all ages to interact with your team-branded inflatable obstacle course.
  • Games of Skill: Create a team-branded portable carnival with games of skill that test each participant’s throwing arm or overall athleticism.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our existing product line, our design team is ready and waiting to create something completely new that meets your unique needs.