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Fire Safety Inflatables

Fire Safety Inflatables

Our Fire Safety House inflatable along with other fire safety inflatables are very effective teaching tools that provide fun learning experiences.

Fire safety inflatable products from Inflatable Images® make excellent teaching tools for children by teaching the basics of staying safe during a fire. Useful in schools or for visits to the local fire department, our inflatables are sure to keep children entertained during fire-related presentations and events.

Our fire safety inflatables are designed to assist fire department education programs in teaching children essential skills for staying safe during a fire.

Fire Safety Education

Many of our fire safety inflatables emphasize important things to bear in mind in the event of a fire, such as committing your address to memory and knowing to call 911 when there’s an emergency. Others, such as our Fire Safety Smoke House, provide visuals for potential fire hazards, such as the fireplace, lit candles or clothes placed over a lamp. They also explain the purpose of a smoke detector, emphasizing how loud it is so it can wake people up if there is a fire.

Fire Safety Fun

Many of our fire-themed inflatables are also equipped with fun features, such as bouncing and jumping areas or slides. These additions can help keep kids engaged while they’re learning about the importance of fire preparedness.

You might also consider our inflatable obstacle courses, such as the popular Stop, Drop & Roll model. This allows kids to practice staying low to the ground while they escape from a burning building and teaches them what to do if their clothes catch on fire.

We also have inflatable fire engines for children interested in trucks and fire equipment. The Fire Engine Slide, for instance, lets kids glide down a long, smooth slide right into the seat of a fire engine for hours of entertainment. Our fire engine bouncers provide a fun, colorful place for kids to get some exercise.

Fire Safety Wall Graphics

In addition to numerous inflatables, we also offer fire safety wall graphics to hang on the walls of schools or fire departments when kids come to visit. These can be framed for permanent mounting or can be temporarily displayed.

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