Together in Service and Community / UA School of Law


This immersive wrap-around mural was created for the University of Akron’s School of Law - highlighting the school’s rich history, focusing on the humanity and community dedication driving the UA School of Law. 

This is a Percent for Art Program project, with Ohio Arts Council.

The original 13-layer screen print on paper has an image area of 33"W × 14.5"H. It was scanned at a very high resolution for the vinyl installation which covers approximately 1300 square feet, encompassing a full wrap-around common stairwell area at the UA School of Law.

Incorporated are both historic and current imagery from the school, specifically: individual students and classes from the early days to the present including the school’s very first graduating class and it’s first African-American graduate, faculty and community members, a more recent study abroad class in Japan, judges, and a group from the Akron Barristers Club. Also layered into the artwork is the library, the the many buildings that have housed the school over the years since its inception as a night school, as well as advertisements and print media from throughout the school’s history. 


This artwork was created originally as a blue/teal monochrome 13-layer screen print on paper before being enlarged and installed in the main common area stairwell area of the school with a full wrap-around vinyl application. I love the texture of the print’s paper and ink that comes through when enlarged at this scale.

The stand-off text are custom milled 7’’ high letters highlighting the school’s mission. It reads “We promote justice, the protection of individual liberty, and the rule of law through our commitment to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.”

Both the vinyl application and textual elements were installed by the wonderful crew at Inflatable Images.