Inflatable Mascots & Custom Team Branding

Add personality to your sports team and command attention from the crowd.

Inflatable Mascots & Custom Team Branding

Entertain the crowd and promote team spirit with an inflatable mascot from Inflatable Images®. No matter what the sport or level of play, inflatable mascots are a crowd-pleaser for sports fans.

Inflatable Sports Mascots and Team Branding for Professional Leagues

Whether it’s the Phillie Phanatic or Wally the Green Monster, inflatable mascots at professional sports events bring delight to fans and help them get excited about the upcoming game. At Inflatable Images®, we can create a colorful, eye-catching inflatable mascot to place at any fan entrance or near the field.

Inflatable Sports Mascots and Team Branding for Colleges and High Schools

Whether for college football, high school basketball or another league, Inflatable Images® can create a black panther, knight, mustang or minuteman that fits your sports team’s needs. Generate student interest before a big rivalry matchup or show off team pride with a high-quality inflatable sports mascot.

Other Sporting Event Inflatables

At Inflatable Images®, we can also create other inflatable types for important sporting events, including tunnels, arches and inflatable sports logos. These inflatables add visibility and excitement to competitive games.

Tunnels are great choices for the home team to wait in and then run out of during game introductions. Set up an arch at the ticket area for a special entranceway. Inflatable sports logos are excellent for one-time events or for promoting the image of your brand.

Whatever your sporting event or team needs are, chances are, Inflatable Images® has something to help make it memorable and special.

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Once you reach out to us, we begin a four-step design and production process to help create your own incredible inflatable mascots & custom team branding that you can feel excited about. For more information and details, check out Our Process.

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