Sealed Inflatables

Sealed Inflatables

For promotional inflatable advertising on the go, sealed inflatables are for you!

These customized, sealed inflatables are your mobile solution for your marketing efforts. Like its cold-air counterpart, airTites® fill with air in just a few minutes but do not need a blower constantly running. With no need for an electrical source, airTites® can be placed virtually anywhere.

Contact Inflatable Images for Sealed Inflatables

Excited by what you see? Ready to take the next step? If you're interested in designing your own Sealed Inflatables, contact Inflatable Images at (330) 273-3200 or by using our contact form.

Once you reach out to us, we begin a four-step design and production process to help create your own incredible sealed inflatables that you can feel excited about. For more information and details, check out Our Process.

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